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The 3rd prog gear bag series, Egging exclusive model supervised by professional Takemoto who is also a YouTuber.
A shoulder foot bag that can store 8 eggs directly on the front with a compact design that is ideal for Langan.

<Pro gear bag series>
A high-spec series created by well-known professionals and fishing masters in various places.
The third is supervised by Takemoto Pro (YouTuber). Compact one-shoulder specialized for Egging Langan.

2 detachable seats to which 4 egi can be attached are placed, and 8 egi can be stored directly.
(If it is a No. 3 class egg, a total of 10 can be stored)

Egi room adopts a quick open/close system that can be opened and closed with one touch, allowing for speedy Egi replacement.
(I equip an upper stopper belt with magic tape and a hook)

The main compartment is large enough to fit an Egi Case M size class (20 case type), and there is also room for a long wallet.

Equipped with an inner zip pocket that is convenient for storing car keys.

The front zipped pocket is for storing the leader and parts.

A convenient back pocket for storing zip locks and small trash.

Custom bases are mounted on both sides and bottom of the bag, and functions can be expanded with custom parts.

Takemoto Pro function extension usage example supervised:

Added Rod Holder Wide Tuned (or Rod Holder Long Neo) as a gaff holder.
Equipped with a rod holder long neo (or pliers holder) on the other side.

Eight D-cans are arranged for convenient attachment of plastic bottle holders, pin-on reels, and small parts.

A stretch support belt that stabilizes the bag by attaching it to the thigh is standard equipment, allowing for a light Langan.
(Can also be used as a shoulder bag without using a stretch support belt)

Made of Cordura fabric, it is highly water repellent, lightweight, resistant to rubbing and has outstanding durability.

Recommended for Langan style egginger, especially in autumn and winter when small egi are used.

*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

Body: H29cm x W24cm x D10cm (excluding shoulder belt)
Shoulder belt: 20~130cm (4cm wide)
Stretch support belt: 28~40cm (width 2.5cm)

<body weight>
Approximately 410g (387g body + 23g support belt)

Body fabric: Cordura 610D/ 100% polyester
Foam (cushion material inside): Polyester Clear sheet: PVC
Zipper: Nylon Slider and Pull: Zinc Alloy Puller Cord: TPU
Resin parts (buckles, D-rings, etc.): POM (polyacetal)

*Photos may differ from actual colors.
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*Because it is a sewn product, it may deteriorate or break due to sudden load, load, or ultraviolet rays.
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*We are not responsible for any failures or damages that occur when using digital equipment. Please be careful when using.
*Not waterproof.
*The zipper part is not water repellent.
*All figures are approximate.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.