lure cover mesh

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Washable as is. Good ventilation, easy storage of lures without stuffiness.
Attached to the rod to prevent lure hook entanglement during movement.

It can be attached to the rod while the lure is set, preventing hooks when moving or putting in a car.
It can be used widely from bath to salt, and it is also recommended for use on ships.
Important lures are less likely to be damaged, and can also be used for sorting lures.

The rubber mesh can be washed with water, and it can be dried as it is because it has good breathability.
(Please dry in the shade with good ventilation. Be careful not to rust the hook or expand the lure.)

*Please note that the Velcro part is easy to get caught in tension.
* Depending on the hook size of the lure, the tension may get caught in the mesh.
* Depending on the hook size of the lure, the tension may pop out from the mesh. please note.
*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

M: H9.5cm x W16.5cm x D0.8cm (when folded)
L: H11cm x W20cm x D0.8cm (when folded)

<Storage example>
Lures, assist hooks, small parts, etc.

<body weight>
M: 23g
L: 31g


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