nylon bucket hat

Color: navy
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Nylon hat with LSD logo that can be used genderless regardless of gender.
The stylish silhouette that makes your face line look beautiful matches various situations.

By adopting a nylon taslan material, it has a natural texture like a natural fiber.
With a light and tough finish and a water-repellent finish, it is designed for use in any situation, from town use to outdoor scenes.

The silhouette is also carefully selected, and the brim has an exquisite angle and size that makes the line of the face look beautiful.

Genderless specifications for both men and women.

Free size: 60cm

<body weight>
Weight: about 50g

Made by United Athle
100% nylon Taslan processed fabric Country of origin: China

*Photos may differ from actual colors.
*It may deteriorate or be damaged due to sudden load, load, or ultraviolet rays.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.