sunglasses pouch neo

Color: camouflage
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A semi-hard sunglasses pouch that is convenient for carrying sunglasses.
It can be installed in various places with attachments and eggplant hooks.

Wide cylindrical shape and flat type to curved frame shape Sunglasses, overglasses, clip types, reading glasses, etc.

It has a semi-hard structure that is resistant to impact, and the inner fabric is made of brushed material.

Double zip design that can be opened and closed quickly.

It can be attached to the custom base of the bag, the mall, or the belt with the attachment on the back.

Easy connection to D-rings and belt loops with the hook on the top.

Uses a water-repellent fabric that is resistant to dirt and water.

*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

<Storage example>
polarized sunglasses

Body: H18.5cm x W8.5cm x D6.5cm (excluding eggplant hook)

<body weight>
about 120g
(Because it is a sewn product, there may be variations depending on the product.)

Body fabric:
Camouflage 600D Polyester PVC
Black 420D Nylon PVC

Inner fabric: Polyester Foam (cushion material inside): Polypropylene Zipper: Nylon Tape: Polyester Slider and puller: Zinc alloy Puller cord: TPU
Resin parts (D-can): POM (Poacetal)

*Because it is a sewn product, there may be variations in size and weight. note that.
*Because it is a sewn product, it may deteriorate or break due to sudden load, load, or ultraviolet rays.
* Even if the product is defective, we cannot guarantee the stored items.
*We are not responsible for any failures or damages that occur when using digital equipment. Please be careful when using.
*Not waterproof.
*The zipper part is not water repellent.
*All figures are approximate.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.