Tackle Pouch S

Color: camouflage
Sale price$26.00


Tackle pouch that can be attached to custom base of fishing LSD bag or fishing game vest。
Semi-hard spec for storing fishing parts and smartphone keysに!

The stopper mechanism that stops the front part at about 45cm when opened prevents the contents from falling and can be used with the bag open.用も可能。

For storing fishing parts, smartphone sunglasses, etc.納に。

It is sized to fit a smartphone + spare battery, so it may not be possible to store it while charging it without contact depending on the size of the smartphone or spare battery.います)

Equipped with a tight open pocket inside。

Double slider zipper for quick opening and closing。

The attachment on the back allows you to easily attach it to your LSD bag custom base or gaming vest.。

Belt tackle box Can be installed in various places such as ship handrails可能。

Comes with an eggplant ring for easy attachment to belt loops。

Adopts water-repellent fabric that is resistant to dirt and water。

Built-in shock-absorbing urethane foam protects stored itemsド。

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。


Cordura fabric explanation video↑

<Product size>
H17cm x W10cm x D5cm (excluding eggplant part))

<Body weight>
Camouflage, black, black camo: 130g
Tarpaulin black: 135g

Body fabric:
Camouflage 600D polyester PVC
Tarpaulin PVC/Polyester

Foam (inner cushioning material): Polyester
Mesh (inner pocket): PVC
Zipper: Nylon
Tape: Polyester
Slider and pull: Zinc alloy
Puller cord: TPU
Resin parts (buckles, D-rings, etc.): POM (polyacetal)

<please note>
*Please note that as this is a sewn product, there may be variations in size and weight.さい。
*As this is a sewn product, it may deteriorate or break due to sudden loads or UV rays.います。
*We cannot guarantee the contents even if there is a problem with the product.。
*We cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or damage caused when using digital devices, etc. Please be careful when using them.さい。
*Not waterproof。
*The zipper part is not water repellent。
*All numbers are approximate。
*Please note that product specifications may change without notice.い。