Color: ランダムツートン・単色カラー
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New Year limited

Strong cooler box lucky bag

Available in two-tone colors for a limited time only during the New Year period.

Products will be shipped randomly based on the color in the image above.

price30 more than normal price上Purchase at a low price and receive an LSD sticker that you can put on your cooler box.ト

Regular price 19,800 yen 13,000 yen円

Event period

From December 25th to January 8th until supplies last了)

Orders placed during this period will be shipped sequentially from January 9th.


※What is Strong Cooler Box?

Simple design combines high durability and design。
Demonstrates high cold retention effect with thick urethane foam and specially processed polyethylene material。

"Freeze-resistant grade" packing with 14mm wide contact area traps cold air and blocks warm air.遮断。

Adopts a heavy-duty T-type latch that completely seals the lid.採用。
Easy-to-grip T-shaped and UV-resistant & non-corrosive silicone material that can withstand harsh conditions材。
*Can be replaced when deteriorated

Non-slip rubber feet raise the installation surface of the cooler and block hot air from below.ト。
Made of non-slip material even on ship decks。

V-shaped drain and drain cock for easy drainage。

Hinge system with little gap between the main body and lid that will not break even in harsh conditionsム。

Can be fitted with a padlock if required。

*15L & 25L are equipped with movable stainless steel handles。
(Structure that locks the handle when vertical)


Storage example 1: 500ml plastic bottles x12

Storage example
2: 350mlcan x24Book

This size is recommended not only for fishing, but also for everyday shopping, lunch at the park, etc.す。

External dimensions: H33cm x W45cm x D34cm
Inner dimensions: H25cm x W30cm x D23.5cm
Thickness: 27mm (urethane foam: 21mm)

Weight: 5.5kg

Capacity: 15L

Body: Polyethylene
Insulation: Urethane foam

This product is manufactured overseas and may have minor scratches and scuffs during transportation.ざいます。
Also, due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method, burrs, dents, and small dots may occur.す。
All items are inspected before shippingす。
There is no problem with usage, cold storage ability, impact resistance, and durability.せん。
Please understand this before purchasing.い。

*All numbers are approximate。
*Please note that product specifications may change without notice.い。
*We cannot guarantee waterproofness.。
*We cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or damage caused when using digital devices, etc. Please be careful when using them.さい。