Clip Sunglasses Type4

frame/lens: matte black/light gray flash mirror
Sale price$20.00


clip-on polarized sunglasses with frames

Framed for added strength.
It is a clip type that is easy to put on and take off.

Since it is a flip-up type, it can be easily turned on and off according to the situation.

Compared to our Type 2, the frame is taller and the width is shorter.
Please order according to your glasses.

<Light Gray Flash Mirror>
Gray lenses that are characterized by their natural appearance are coated with a silver mirror that blocks sunlight while hiding the eyes.
With a visible light transmittance of 15%, it is widely used mainly in fine weather.
Not only can it be used at sea, but it can also be used in a wide range of situations such as daily use, running, cycling, and fishing.

<body weight>

<UV cut rate>
UV400nm/cut rate 99.9%

Clear case, microfiber lens cloth

Frame temples (Grilamid® TR 90)
Clip part (Plastic-steel/TPR)
Lens (TAC/Triacetate)

Height: 4.6cm
Width: 14.2cm

Lens Height: 3.9cm
Lens Width: 4.7cm

<How to choose clip sunglasses>
*The product size is the value measured by our company. There may be slight errors in the manufacturing process, so please choose a size that has room to spare.
*Even if it is within the stated size, depending on the shape of the lens, it may not be possible to completely cover your eyeglass lens.
*Please choose a product that is at least 5mm larger than the vertical width of the glasses due to the structure of the clip being attached to the glasses.
(There is a possibility that the lower part of the lens cannot be covered.)
*We do not accept returns due to the wrong size, so please consider carefully before placing an order.

* Do not look directly at strong light such as the sun.
* Do not place the product in a place that becomes hot or store it with metal that may scratch it.
* If you use it through heat-strengthened glass such as the windshield of a car, you may see an interference color due to the distortion of the glass.
*Please refrain from using for a long time.
*Please do not use it while driving or on the road at dusk or at night.
*Please clean the lens with the attached or sold separately microfiber cloth.
* Wiping with other solvents, cleaning agents, or cloth may cause the lens film to peel off.
*All values ​​are approximate.
* Depending on the monitor environment you see, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.
*Product specifications, case shape and color are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.