LSD DESIGNS Fisherman's Knife Small Deba 4 Inch Octagonal Sophora Pattern with Original Leather Cover

Color: blue leather cover
Sale price$944.00


Tosa Knives 6th Generation A small blade specially ordered from Kurotori Forging Factory.
It has the strength and sharpness necessary for handling fish, and is a convenient size.

The core material is sharp and durable blue steel No. 2, and both sides are sandwiched between stainless steel (double-edged, easy-to-use type).
Blue Steel No. 2 is a durable material that is sharp enough to shave downy hair.

The handle is made of Enju wood, and a dedicated leather knife cover is available.
Two colors of vintage leather with different patterns are available, which were designed by LSD DESIGNS Osaka Lab.
Choose blue or orange.

It also comes with a mark that identifies it as the 6th generation black bird forging work, and we also accept repairs and resharpening.
With proper care and maintenance, it is a product that can be used for many years.

Blade: Double-edged specification with blue 2 steel sandwiched between stainless steels Handle: Enju

Dimensions: Length approx. 245mm / Blade length approx. 125mm / Back width approx. 6mm

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*Please use for handling fish and cooking.
*It is prohibited by law to carry knives unless there is a valid reason for doing so (eg fishing, camping, hunting, etc.).
* Please pay attention to storage and transportation, and keep out of reach of children.
*Since the core of the blade is prone to rust, please wash it with water after use and dry it completely before storing.
*All values ​​are approximate. Due to manual production, there may be slight variations in weight and size.
*We refrain from selling knives to minors on this site.
*Only available with parental consent. Please note.