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Pro Gear Bag Series Limited Edition Langan Cooler Backpack model supervised by Pro Takemoto, a YouTuber and tester for Egging and Light Game Rock Fishなります。


<What is the Pro Gear Bag series?>

A high-spec series created by famous fishing experts from all over the world.The limited edition is by Takemoto Pro (YouTuber)r)


※This is a prototype and will be available in limited quantities.。I don't know if it will be resold with modified specifications.。


Waterproof zipper prevents water from entering and cold air from leakingす。


3-thickness NBR soft cooler and can be carried on your back as a backpack, making it easy to move around when running.ーズ



LSD custom parts such as rod holders can be attached to the sides and front, and gaffs can also be installed, making it especially recommended for Egging Lang Guns.。



Not only can you carry food and drinks, but you can also put your caught squid or fish in ziplock bags and take them home easily.ズ

Even if there is a smell, it can be washed completely




Recommended for Langan style eggingers, especially best for those walking on the shore.ト

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。

Body: H41cm x W37.5cm x D22cm

<Body weight>

Body fabric: 840D denier nylonロン
Back TPU coating
Insulation material: NBR (nitrile rubber))
※What is NBR?
 It has excellent insulation performance and durability, and is widely used in construction, automobile industry, home appliances, etc., and maintains flexibility even in low-temperature environments, so it is also used as insulation material for cold storage warehouses and refrigerators.れている。

<please note>
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