Bespoke chopping board with LSD DESIGNS logo "Tosa Dragon" Shimanto Hinoki single board

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A single cutting board made from Shimanto cypress.
Made of "Shimanto Hinoki", which contains a lot of oil components, it is excellent in draining, water repelling, and drying.

The cross section of the wood, which is prone to discoloration due to moisture, is waterproofed with a special paint to prevent deterioration and keep it clean.

The rotating stand on the side allows you to store the cutting board upright.
It's also useful when you don't want the surface to touch the ground or table.

By making the thickness of the board 20mm, it is lighter than a general one-piece cutting board and is easy to handle.

Shimanto cypress single plate For stand: Sakura Screws: Stainless steel Rivets: Nickel End end: Prepolymer coating

400mm x 200mm x 20mm

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*Please use for handling fish and cooking.