waterproof magnetic pouch

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High waterproof performance with strong magnet + roll.
Small waterproof pouch for fishing and outdoor activities.

Protect small items that you want to always carry around, such as electronic keys and money, from rain and splashes.

By adopting a strong magnet, opening and closing is easy.

Close the magnet surface without anything caught in it, and roll it once after fixing the Velcro on the top to demonstrate high waterproof performance.
(Press to expel a little air)

A small LSD logo is also placed on the back.
Active in scenes where there is a high possibility of getting wet, such as boats, kayaks, and rocky beaches.

It can also be used by simply closing the lid without rolling.
(Waterproof performance may deteriorate.)

Active in scenes where there is a high possibility of getting wet, such as mountain stream fishing, sweetfish fishing, boats, kayaks, wading on bass and sea bass, rock shore, and fishing in rainy weather.

Great for outdoor activities such as camping, bicycle and motorcycle touring, marine sports, boating, mountain climbing, hiking, snow sports, swimming pools, swimming in the sea, and playing in rivers.

* In our waterproof test, it cleared the water depth of 30 cm for 30 minutes.
(It varies depending on the usage conditions. Please consider it as a reference value.)
*Before use, perform a waterproof test using tissue or non-woven fabric.

*Although it is highly waterproof, it does not guarantee complete waterproofing.
*We cannot guarantee the shape change or deterioration due to storage that puts a load on the fabric, or the waterproof performance when it deteriorates over time.
*Please refrain from using credit cards, etc., which are vulnerable to magnetic force, as they use magnets.
*Water may enter if osmotic pressure is applied.
*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

<Storage example>
Smart key (electronic key), key, money, etc.

When used: H10cm x W12cm x D3cm

<body weight>
about 35g
(There are some variations depending on the product)

strong magnet

*There are variations in size and weight. note that.
*It may deteriorate or be damaged due to sudden load, load, or ultraviolet rays.
* Even if the product is defective, we cannot guarantee the stored items.
*We are not responsible for any failures or damages that occur when using digital equipment. Please be careful when using.
*It is not completely waterproof.
*All figures are approximate.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.