one shot baby

Color: tarpaulin black
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Compact shoulder bag rod holder perfect for light gamesー
・Equipped with pliers holder。


Ideal size for run-and-gun style that emphasizes mobility in light games such as Ajimabaru.ズ感。

Adopts red interior that makes it easy to see inside the bag。

The main pocket holds MEIHO VS3010ND and VS906, and also has a zip pocket convenient for storing small items.備。

The front pocket has the capacity to fit VS906 (7inch/L size)。

V-cut grip type rod holders (utility model pending) are placed on the left and right sides, which are convenient for changing lures and catching fish. Landing nets and squid gaffs can also be inserted, making it suitable for a variety of fishing.対応

It is also possible to install various optional parts.Please purchase other optional parts.さい。

Comes standard with a pliers holder that will stand up to the fishing scene.。

Optional parts such as a pliers holder and sunglasses pouch can be attached to the custom base on the front of the bag.

The shoulder belt is equipped with a quick adjuster that allows for quick adjustment, allowing you to bring it right in front of your body and making it easy to put on and take off.簡単。

By attaching the support belt (type F) sold separately, you can prevent the bag from flapping when moving or from shifting when bending over.す。

The special curve of the main body and belt angle provides an excellent fit.。

There are D pipes on both sides of the shoulder belt base, allowing you to attach various accessories.能。

Built-in shock-absorbing urethane foam on the entire surface to firmly protect the stored boxド。

Adopts water-repellent fabric that is resistant to dirt and water。

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。

<Storage example>

Main pocket MEIHO VS3010ND x1 + VS906 x1個

Front pocket MEIHO VS906 x 1 piece個


Body: H34cm x W28cm x D13cm (excluding shoulder belt))

Shoulder belt: 60~120cm (width 5cm)

<Body weight>

Camouflage type: 400g

Black: 405g

Cordura type: 345g

Tarpaulin: 440g

(As this is a sewn product, there may be variations depending on the product.)


Body fabric:
Camouflage 600D polyester PVC

Black 420D nylon PVC
Cordura 610D/100% polyester
Tarpaulin type PVC polyester

Foam (inner cushioning material): Polyester
Mesh (inner pocket): PVC
Zipper: Nylon
Tape: Polyester
Slider and pull: Zinc alloy
Puller cord: TPU
Resin parts (buckles, D-rings, etc.): POM (polyacetal)

<please note>

*The color in the photo may differ from the actual color.Please note that this is a sewn product and may vary depending on size and weight.。ご了承please

・It may be damaged。
*We cannot guarantee the contents even if there is a problem with the product. We cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or damage caused when using digital equipment, etc.ねます

*Not waterproof。
The zipper part is not water repellent All measurements are approximate. す。 *
Specifications are subject to change without notice.。