Overglass Type2

frame/lens: piano black/dark brown
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A 2-way polarized overglass that can be used alone as well as over glasses.
The flat type lens ensures a clear view with little distortion.

Stylish design with over glasses for various situations.

A lightweight type of 22g, it is a model that does not get tired even when used for a long time.

When used alone, there is little gap between the face and the face, so it is also recommended for pollen, virus splashes, and dust prevention.
* It does not completely prevent pollen and virus splashes.

Comes with semi-hard case and microfiber lens cloth.

<Gray Green>
Visible light transmittance: 15% / Degree of polarization: 99% / UV cut rate: 99%

Green lenses with high color reproduction and natural vision. A versatile color that can be used widely for fishing, driving, and town use. With a visible light transmittance of 15% , it can be used widely, mainly in fine weather.

<Dark Brown>
Visible light transmittance: 15% / Degree of polarization: 99% / UV cut rate: 99%

Brown lenses that clearly show the contours of objects with a contrast effect for crisp vision. It is recommended for various activities such as driving because you can clearly see the structure in fishing scenes, the grain of the grass in golf, and the unevenness of snowy roads.

<Light Yellow>
Visible light transmittance: 30% / Degree of polarization: 99% / UV cut rate: 99%

A yellow lens useful in low light conditions. You can ensure a bright view in cloudy weather, early mornings and evenings, and it is ideal for use in mountainous areas and indoor sports, as well as when it is cold.

<Light Gray Flash Mirror>
Visible light transmittance: 17% / Degree of polarization: 99% / UV cut rate: 99%

A silver mirror is coated on the gray lens, which is characterized by its natural appearance. Ensures a field of view that maintains natural color tones without causing fatigue even after long hours of use. Versatile lens with 17% visible light transmittance and a mirror coating that hides the eyes.

<body weight>

<UV cut rate>
UV400nm/cut rate 99.9%

Semi-hard case, microfiber lens cloth

Frame material: Grilamid® TR 90
Temple Material: Grilamid® TR 90
Lens Material: TAC/Triacetate

Height 4.8cm x Width 14.8cm x Temple Length 13.9cm
Lens height 4.1cm x lens width 6.0cm

* If you use it through heat-strengthened glass such as the windshield of a car, you may see an interference color due to the distortion of the glass.
* Do not place the product in a hot place or store it with metal that may scratch it.
*Please refrain from using it for a long time.
* Do not look directly at strong light such as the sun.
*Please clean the lens with the attached or sold separately microfiber cloth.
* Wiping with other solvents, detergents, or cloth may cause the lens film to peel off.
* Do not use the product while driving or on the road at dusk or at night.

*All figures are approximate.
*Depending on your monitor environment, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.
*Product specifications, case shape and color are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.