plug & jig sheet

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Comes with a 2-tier sponge bar type clear cover that can directly store micro plugs and jigs.き)。
Custom sheet for professional gear bags supervised by Takemoto Pro.。

<Pro gear bag series>
A high-spec series packed with features created with famous fishing experts from all over the world.ズ。

Removable seat that can be attached to Light Game Quattro and Foot Egging 3G.。
(Compatible bags will be released sequentially)

The hook bar is arranged in two levels, upper and lower, allowing you to directly store micro plugs and micro jigs, allowing for speedy lure changes.が可能。

Comes with a clear cover to prevent hooks from getting tangled and prevent plugs from falling.き。

Equipped with two Velcro strips on the back that can be firmly fixed.。

Not only for light salt fishing such as horse mackerel and rockfish, but also for managed fishing spots.。

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。

<Compatible bag>
light game quattro
Foot Egging 3G

Body size: H20cm x W15cm x D1.1cm

<Body weight>
Weight: approx. 45g

Board: PP
Sponge: Polyester
Clear cover: PVC
Back Velcro: Nylon

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