Rangan Shoulder Cooler Bag TYPE Proto

color: black
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Limited edition of the Pro Gear Bag Series, a run-and-gun shoulder cooler bag model supervised by Takemoto Pro, a YouTuber and tester for eging, light game and rockfish. It is very convenient to bring a cooler not only to the bank, but also to hiking in the mountains or to the shore, and its large capacity allows waders and lure cases to be stored together.

<What is the Pro Gear Bag Series?

A high-spec series created by well-known professionals and fishing masters from around the world. The limited edition is supervised by Takemoto Pro (YouTuber).

This is a prototype and the quantity will be limited. We are not sure if there will be a resale with changed specifications.

Lightweight shoulder bag so you can carry it on your shoulder and it won't be a burden unlike a cooler box

Soft cooler made of 3cm thick NBR, it can be used not only as a shoulder bag but also as a tote bag for daily use.

The opening is securely closed with a strong magnet, and is further secured with a buckle to keep the cool air out even if it receives a shock.

It can be used to carry food and drinks, or put squid or fish in a Ziploc lock for smooth transportation home.

Washable even if it gets smelly

Recommended for run-around style eginger, rockfish, etc., especially for those who walk on rocky shores.

*Photographs are images including examples of use.