rod holder wide tuned

Color: cordura black
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Wide size rod holder with adjustable size。

Can also be used for landing nets and egging gaffs

The diameter can be adjusted with Velcro, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from bass rods to salt rods.The wide design allows you to insert two rods.可能

The upper tape belt allows you to firmly fix the rod, making it convenient when moving numbers. Compatible with various gear such as landing nets and gaff fish grips for egging.に対応

Can be attached to the bag's custom base or molding with the multi-attachment at the bottom. Three D-rings are convenient for attaching the patented leash cord and hanging small items.所に

Adopts water-repellent fabric that is resistant to dirt and water。

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。

<Storage example>
Gaff fish grips for rods and landing nets, etc.など

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Body: H23cm x W7cm x D8cm (excluding D ring))
Inner dimensions: H14cm x W6cm x D4.5cm

<Body weight>
Approximately 132g
(As it is a sewn product, there will be a fee depending on the product.)

Body parts fabric: Cordura 610D/100% polyester tape
:Polyester resin
(D ring): POM (polyacetal)
Hook-and-loop fastener:Nylon

<please note>
*Please note that as this is a sewn product, there are considerations regarding size and weight.As this is a sewn product, there may be sudden loads or loads.負荷や負荷、Please be careful when using it. It is not waterproof.せん
zipperThe parts are not water repellent All numbers are approximate dimensions Product specifications are subject to change without noticeなく変更docasebut
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