3M cutting reflective sticker

Color: LSD Logo M #Red
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Recommended cutting stickers for cars, cooler boxes, camping container boxes, etc.
Strong 3M adhesive & reflective type that is easy to find even in the dark.

*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

*Weather resistance period: about 6 years (reflection performance about 3 years)

*About 3M reflective stickers
Depending on the storage environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and work environment, the sticker itself may come off from the transparent film. Please let me put it on.

How to apply the sticker (for 3M reflective stickers)

Things to prepare: Waste cloth, squeegee (spatula)
(It is convenient to have scissors and masking tape.)

1. Clean the surface of the application area.
2. Peel off the transparent film and sticker body slowly and stick it from the edge.
3. After pasting, rub and crimp with a squeegee from above.
4. Peel off the transparent film slowly while making sure that the sticker is stuck to the surface.

<Sticker size>
LSD Logo M: H57mm x W136mm
SHARK M: H65mm x W140mm


*Do not use for purposes other than stickers.
*If the surface to be pasted is uneven or distorted, the sticker itself may not stick well.
*Do not use on humans or other animals as it may cause a rash due to its adhesive properties.
*Avoid using in water, high temperature, and high humidity environment.
*The weather resistance period is a guideline. Since it changes depending on the usage environment, it does not guarantee the usage period as described.