Strong Cooler Box 75L

color: sand
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Simple design combines high durability with good design.
Thick urethane foam and specially processed polyethylene material provide high cooling effect.

Special model only for WEB and Take-chan

14mm wide "freeze-resistant grade" packing (at the tightly sealed area) traps cold air and shuts out warm air.

Heavy-duty H-shaped latch completely seals the lid.
Easy-to-grip T-shape, UV-resistant and non-corrosive silicone material to withstand harsh conditions.
Replaceable when deteriorated.

Extra-thick urethane provides long-lasting cooling power, making it ideal for carrying large fish home or for storing food and beverages when camping.

Amazing strength that even two adults can sit on it without even a slight dent.

The 75L comes with two tires.
(There is no tire stop function.) The wheels are large and allow for smooth movement when carrying.

Large wheels for smooth movement when carrying.

The 45L, 75L, and 85L are equipped with a handle rope.
(Knotless and hard-to-break structure)

The 75L has a handle for convenient rolling.

Equipped with V-shaped drain and drain cock for easy drainage.
Hinge system with a small gap between the body and lid to prevent breakage even under the toughest conditions.

Padlock can be attached if necessary.

Convenient drink holder and measuring tape included on the lid.

Durable enough to withstand long hours in the hot sun

Large size for barbecues and camping.

The sturdy construction makes it a good choice for storing important tools.

Outside dimension: H46.3cm x W87cm x D42.6cm
Inside dimension: H35cm x W70.5cm x D30.5cm
Thickness: 40mm (urethane foam: 34mm)

Weight: 16.5kg

Capacity: 75L

Body: Polyethylene
Insulation: Urethane foam

This product is manufactured overseas and may have minor scratches and scuffs from transportation.
Also, due to the nature of the manufacturing process, burrs, dents, and small dots may occur.
All items are inspected before shipping.
There is no problem in use, cold storage capacity, shock resistance, and durability.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.

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