D Freiman Slim

frame/lens: piano black/grey green
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Polarized sunglasses with the vertical axis of the classic D. Freiman slimmed down.
It features a stylish design and a high fit.

With a design that matches outdoor wear and everyday use, it can be used in a variety of situations.

8-curve lenses are used, and the entire frame is rounded to fit the face.

With a structure that has few gaps and prevents miscellaneous light and pollen from entering, the reflection inside the lens is also reduced.

Nose pad with rubber prevents slippage.

Blocks harmful UV rays with a UV cut rate of 99%.

Comes with semi-hard case & microfiber lens cloth.

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<UV cut rate>
UV cut rate 99.9%

Body: Height 4.4cm x Width 13.9cm x Temple Length 12.5cm
Lens part: lens height 3.8cm x lens width 6.3cm
Bridge Width: 1.8cm
63 □ 18 - 125

<Lens curve>

<body weight>

Semi-hard case, microfiber lens cloth

Frame/Temple: PC/Polycarbonate Lens: TAC/Triacetate

*When used through tempered glass such as the windshield of a car, interference colors due to the distortion of the glass may be visible.
* Do not place the product in a hot place or store it with metal that may scratch it.
*Please refrain from using it for a long time.
* Do not look directly at strong light such as the sun.
*Clean the lens with the included microfiber cloth.
* Wiping with solvents, cleaning agents, or cloth may cause the lens film to peel off.
* Do not use the product while driving or on the road at dusk or at night.
*Photos may differ from actual colors.
*All figures are approximate.
*Product specifications, case shape and color are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.