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color: Cordura Black
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The fourth model in the Pro Gear bag series, a dedicated model for eging under the supervision of Takemoto Pro.
Compactly designed, this is an egging pouch specialized for run-gun fishing that can hold 8 No. 3.5 or 10 No. 3 lures.

<Pro Gear Bag Series

A high-spec series created in collaboration with famous professionals and fishing masters from around the world.

This is a special lightweight model for eging that incorporates the know-how of the previous eging bag series and adds new features.

This shoulder pouch type bag allows you to have everything in one pouch when eging, making it even easier to go out for eging.

New leader hole system:
By putting the line out of the leader hole, you can make knots without taking the leader out of the bag.

Two removable sheets that can hold 8 No. 3.5 or 10 No. 3 igures can be placed in the bag.
By using replacement sheets, it can be used as a metal jig or jig head pouch.
*Metal jig sheets, jig head sheets, etc. will be released in the future.

3-way type: shoulder bag specification, pouch specification, and game vest attachment specification

Example of shoulder bag specification

Example of pouch use

Example of game vest use

Can be used with various game vests as it can be secured with three belts on the back.

When the belts are not needed, the center belt can be removed and the belts on both ends can be stored in pockets.

It is recommended for a wide range of people, such as anglers who choose to fish on the rocky shore, on the bank, on the way home, or in the car, and can also be used by children without any discomfort.

The Egi compartment is equipped with a one-touch quick open/close system that allows for speedy Egi changes.
(Equipped with Velcro tape and hooks on the upper stopper belt)

The use of Cordura fabric provides high water repellency, light weight, and excellent durability against abrasion.

Recommended for run-and-run style egineers, especially best suited for fall and winter when small squid lures are used.

Body: H19cm x W13.5cm x D5.5cm (excluding shoulder belt)
Shoulder belt: 20~130cm (width 4cm)

approx. g315 (main body 260g + belt 55g)

Body: Cordura 610D/ 100% Polyester
Foam: Polyester
Clear Sheet: PVC
Zipper: Nylon
Slider and Puller: Zinc Alloy
Puller Cord: TPU
Plastic Parts (Buckle, D-can, etc): POM (Polyacetal)

may differ from actual color.
*Since this is a sewn product, there may be variations in size and weight. Please understand that the size and weight may vary.
Please note that the product may deteriorate or break due to sudden load, load, or ultraviolet rays.
We do not guarantee the stored items even if there is a defect in the product.
We are not responsible for any breakdown or damage when using digital devices. Please be careful when using it.
The bag is not waterproof.
The zipper portion is not water repellent.
All figures are approximate dimensions.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please understand beforehand.

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