10oz crew neck sweat

Color: White/Black Logo
size: sadist
Sale price$49.00


Dry T-shirt with LSD logo on the front。

Durable silk screen print。


【Water absorption and quick drying】

Dry silky touch that quickly absorbs sweat and dries it to keep you dry and comfortable.チ。

The back side of Dry Silky Touch has an uneven structure that reduces the contact area with the skin and improves the ability to release it from the skin.います。

Applying capillary action、Sweat on the skin side of the fabric is moved to the outside and quickly diffused and dried to reduce unpleasant stickiness.軽減。

【UV protection】

It has excellent functions such as UV cut and ultraviolet shielding function.ます。

*Because it is hand-printed, the shade and position of the logo will vary one by one.Enjoy the handmade feel.さい。

100 polyester reversible meshュ

Country of origin Myanmarー

<please note>
*Photos may differ from actual color。
*It may deteriorate or break due to sudden loads or UV rays.ます。
*Please note that product specifications may change without notice.い。