sunglasses case

Color: black
Sale price¥880


Compatible with sunglasses of various sizes.
Semi-hard type that protects sunglasses from impact

LSD Designs genuine semi-hard case that is convenient to carry.

It corresponds widely from flat type to curved sunglasses,
Comes with an eggplant hook and can be attached to belt loops, bags, game vests, etc.

Comes with a dedicated lens cleaning cloth.


Body: EVA
Outer fabric: Polyester Inner fabric: Polyester (velvet)
Foam (cushion material inside): Polypropylene Zipper: Plastic Zipper tape: Polyester Zipper puller: Painted metal Resin parts: POM (polyacetal)
Microfiber lens cloth: Polyester


Please check the image.

<body weight>
62g (including microfiber lens cloth)

*Please use the semi-hard case large for the overglass Type1.
*All values ​​are approximate.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.