egging bag light pro

Color: cordura coyote brown
Sale price¥7,920


The 3rd model in the Pro Gear Bag series.Eging-specific model supervised by Takemoto Pro, who is also a YouTuber.ル。
A shoulder foot bag with a compact design that is perfect for running guns and can directly store 8 egis on the front.グ。

<Pro gear bag series>
A high-spec series created with famous fishing experts from all over the world.ズ。
The 3rd edition is a compact one-shoulder gun specialized in egging supervised by Takemoto Pro (YouTuber).ー。

There are two removable seats that can hold 4 Egis, and 8 Egis can be stored directly.能。
(A total of 10 pieces of No. 3 class Egi can be stored.)

The egg room uses a quick open/close system that allows one-touch opening and closing, allowing for speedy egg replacement.能。
(Equipped with Velcro and hook on the top stopper belt)

The main room has the capacity to store 20 egicases (M size class), and there is also room to store long wallets, etc.もあり。

Equipped with an inner zip pocket convenient for storing car keys etc.。

The front zip pocket can be used to store readers and parts.。

Convenient rear pocket for storing ziplock bags or small items。

Equipped with custom bases on both sides and bottom of the bag, functionality can be expanded with custom parts.能。

Supervised Takemoto Pro function extension usage example:

Add rod holder wide tuned or rod holder long neo as a gaff holder.追加。
The opposite side is equipped with a rod holder long neo or pliers holder.装備。

Equipped with 8 D-rings that are convenient for attaching plastic bottle holders, pin-on reels, and other small parts.置。

A stretch support belt that stabilizes the bag by attaching it to your thighs is standard equipment, making it possible to carry a light running gun.に。
(Can also be used as a shoulder bag without using the stretch support belt能)

Made of Cordura fabric, it is not only highly water repellent, but also lightweight, scratch resistant, and extremely durable.性。

Recommended for Langan-style eggingers, especially best match for fall and winter when using small eggingers.ッチ。

*The photo is an image that includes usage examples.。

Body: H29cm x W24cm x D10cm (excluding shoulder belt)く)
Shoulder belt: 20~130cm (width 4cm)
Stretch support belt: 28~40cm (width 2.5cm)

<Body weight>
Approximately 410g (body 387g + support belt 23g)

Body fabric: Cordura 610D/100% polyester
Foam (inner cushioning material): Polyester
Clear sheet: PVC
Zipper: Nylon
Slider and pull: Zinc alloy
Puller cord: TPU
Resin parts (buckles, D-rings, etc.): POM (polyacetal)

<please note>
*Photo may differ from actual color。
*Please note that as this is a sewn product, there may be variations in size and weight.さい。
*As this is a sewn product, it may deteriorate or break due to sudden loads or UV rays.います。
*We cannot guarantee the contents even if there is a problem with the product.。
*We cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or damage caused when using digital devices, etc. Please be careful when using them.さい。
*Not waterproof。
*The zipper part is not water repellent。
*All numbers are approximate。
*Please note that product specifications may change without notice.い。


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