Detachable bait wood sponge half

Color: black
Sale price¥1,430


Removable bait sponge half for egging bag 3G model replacement.
(Replacement parts standard equipment for Foot Egging 3G)

A feeling of size that can store about 5 Egi of 3.5 in 1 sheet.

2 seats can be attached to the front pocket of Foot Egging 3G.

When using for side egging 3G, use 4 sheets in the front pocket.

Easy to put on and take off with Velcro on the back.
(I attach it to the Velcro of the bag body)

Comes with a transparent cover that covers the plane of the egi.

*The photo is an image that includes a usage example.

Body size: H20cm x W15cm x D1cm
Sponge size: H7.5cm x W13cm x D0.5cm

<Storage example>
3.5 egg x5

<body weight>
Weight: about 45g

Black board: PP
Sponge: Polyester Transparent Plane Cover: PVC
Back Velcro: Nylon

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